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 How to use Reputation; The Good and The Bad

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Master Perfect
Leader of the other world the Hell is My name.
Leader of the other world the Hell is My name.

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PostSubject: How to use Reputation; The Good and The Bad   Sun Feb 28, 2010 7:51 am

This is my Reputation FAQ. I am Master Perfect, and I am happy to help you guys in this whole Reputation thing.

Here is a link of HOW to give Reputation and what it is, with all the courtsy of Master Perfect, who has 200+ Reputation.

All About Rep:

You May not give Rep for free

1:If you find a post helpful.
2:If you find a post funny.
3:If someone helps you and you can't find the post that they helped you in, just pick one of their random posts and give Rep for that post. Just make sure they know, by putting it in the reason of why you gave the post Rep.
4:If they deserve it in their most helpful posts.(Master Perfect, Leji_Hyuga the wonderful Mods who moderate this site).

1:If the post gives false information. This includes lying.
2:If the post is generally rude towards one person.
3:If the person is being an idiot ON PURPOSE just to get on someones nerves.
4:Other. Please ask me if it's okay about this, and why you are gonna dock someones Rep.

1: Don't deduct Rep if you don't like one person. This might get you in trouble.
2: Don't do it just because you are in a bad mood, or to make someone feel bad.
3: Don't do it because they have high Rep and you want them to have lower Rep than you. This proves that you are jealous of the person.
4: Don't deduct it from the Moderators. If you do, they'll dock 50 Rep from you. ^_^
5: Don't do it because they are stating their opinion, and you have a different opinion.
Have any questions about Reputation? Contact me via PM.

Also, don't go along with Rep whoring. You'll get in trouble.

Another thing, DON'T GIVE PEOPLE REP BECAUSE THEY ASK FOR IT. They must earn it.


Master Perfect
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How to use Reputation; The Good and The Bad
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