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 Evil sayians.

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Leader of the other world the Hell is My name.
Leader of the other world the Hell is My name.
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PostSubject: Evil sayians.   Evil sayians. EmptyMon Mar 01, 2010 1:59 pm


Name:Ki Blast
Rank:level 1
Range:long mid low
Description:the saiyian shoot a blast of energy from there hand to the opponett/s.
ki:10 attack power

Name:Ki guard
rank:level 1
weakness:if not enough timeing
discription:the user controlls the ki that was sent to them they could throw it back or throw it away

Name:Powered Ki blast
rank:level 1
range:any were
discription:the saiyian powers up his ki blast an the ki gets stronger an most times more ki's come out an there stronger

Name:Explosive Ki blast
rank:level 1
range:long mid short
discription:the saiyian shoots a red blast of ki an it explodes when hit the opponett.

Rank:level 1
range:mid low far straight
weakness:andriod.a speedy fighter could easily dodge
discription:the saiyian shoots out a blast of ki that is larger ki blast an goes further.the opponett could use the same or different ki to conter.

Name:Gallet gun
rank:level 1
range:mid low far straight
weakness:android.a speedy fighter could easily dodge.or the opponett could use a different or same ki to counter
discription:the user shoots out a ki blast that is larger then a blast ki an goes further.

this is just a start more comming
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Evil sayians.
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