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 The Reputation system.

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Leader of the other world the Hell is My name.
Leader of the other world the Hell is My name.
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PostSubject: The Reputation system.   The Reputation system. EmptySun Feb 28, 2010 7:49 am

What is reputation?

Reputation is a way of rating users depending on the quality of their posts.

Reputation may be positive, or negative.
Neutral reputation is only given when the person giving reputation can not affect a persons reputation.

How do I give reputation?

To give reputation, click on the plus and Minos icon on the top corner of your right.Plus is for Adding Reputation and Minos is For Down Repping Them.

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The Reputation system. Stars13
The Reputation system. Avatar_gaara

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You may give reputation for the same post twice or more but if you are giving them Reputation Because You Want Alot you will be bann or have a warning,So Watch Out.

How do I know what reputation I have received?

You can view the reputation that you have received in your Profile where it is displayed at the bottom of the Profile page.
You Can Also See Your Rep From Each Post You Post

Reputation power is calculated like so:

For every 365 number of days since you signed up, you gain 1 point of reputation power.
For every 2000 posts, you gain 1 point of reputation power.
For every ~120(ish) points of reputation, users gain 1 point of reputation power.

I hope this post helps explain the new system. If you liked it, give me some reputation or, even better, find a post of someone who has helped you out, and give them some rep!
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The Reputation system.
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